Korelei and Vance Nelson
Creation Truth Ministries is dedicated to defending the authority of the Bible starting in Genesis. Creation Truth Ministries is a Christian ministry that seeks to enable believers to defend their faith in an increasingly secular age. 

CTM offers three-day seminars that include creative creation education programs for children as well as multi-media presentations on science and the Bible. CTM can also provide complete Vacation Bible Schools on creation, as well as provide speaking for Christian camps (for adults or children or both). Your church can book CTM to do single topical sessions as well (within three hours of Red Deer). CTM can also come to Christian Schools and do programs. 

There are so many questions today about Creation and Evolution. CTM exists to fill a void in the Christian church that exists concerning this area. If you are interested in having a "Creation Truth Seminar" in your area, please contact CTM. You could be instrumental in getting the truth of Creation into your church, camp or Christian school, in order to build the faith of brothers and sisters in Christ, and enable Christians to defend their faith in the Bible.
For cost and availability of seminars please contact us here.

Original Research

A recent trip to the Amazon rainforest has resulted in some interesting evidence. Research is complete, and is available in book form. Get book here.

Big Valley Creation Science Museum

How sure is Richard Dawkins that God does NOT exist?  Does he at least know how life originated?

London, England - Live Interview

Multi-Media Presentations
Vance Nelson is the director of CTM. He holds two earned degrees. He earned a theology degree from Taylor University College in 1997 (Bachelor of Religion with a specialization in Christian ministry). Vance then went on to earn a Biology degree in 2002.  Since 2002 Vance has been researching, speaking and writing full-time. Vance spends much of his time doing original research in areas such as paleontology, geology and archaeology. He has a real love for studying God's Word and God's World.  Vance has been on television and radio in Canada, the United States and the U.K.

He will provide your church with entertaining, and informative presentations using the latest technology. Along with compelling PowerPoint presentations, which are littered with colorful illustrations and photographs, your church will also be able to view creation documentaries that are supportive of Biblical creation. The Bible's account will be shown to provide the best explanation for the origin of everything we see today.

The Relevance of Creation to the Christian Faith
Genesis: The Key to Successful Evangelism
Dinosaurs, The Bible & The 21st Century: The Most Asked Questions Answered
Dragons: The Missing Link in Dinosaur History
Biology: The Fingerprints of God
Geologic Processes & The Age of the Earth
Digging up the Fossils: Evidence for Creation & The Flood
The Brief History of Mankind (Evidence for the Tower of Babel Dispersion)

Why do we find so many fossils around the world? Are these fossils supportive of Evolutionary Theory?
Did dinosaurs go onto Noah's Ark? Children will learn the answer to this and many other questions.
Creation Education For Children
CTM offers interesting and creative education programs for children that include learning the truth about dinosaurs, the six days of creation, the true history of the world from the Bible. Children will not only be taught the truth about these and other areas, but will be equipped to defend the Biblical view of history.

Korelei obtained training at North American Baptist College where she graduated with a Certificate in Biblical Studies in 1994. She has been involved in organizing numerous Christian children's programs. She has a special gift in communicating profound truths in an exciting and clear way so that it is understandable to children.

The Secrets of Creation Traveling Museum
CTM also makes available a wide selection of displays. These displays include around fifty authentic museum quality fossils. Among other things, two different dinosaur eggs from China will be on display (Hadrosaur, Segnosaur/Therizinosaur). Many museum quality fossil replicas will also be displayed.

We will bring such things as two eight foot long fossil cabinets filled with museum quality genuine fossils.  We also have a 1:87 scale model of Noah's ark, a full size Coelophysis dinosaur cast, a T. rex footprint replica, and a full size Mosasaurus sp. skull cast.  We will also bring Three realistic dinosaur models - a Triceratops (9 1/2 feet long), a Raptor (about 4 1/2 feet tall), and a T. rex (8 feet long). Included in our displays is a wonderful ten-foot wide display of many pictures of evidence that provide powerful positive support of Biblical creation. More displays are in the plans. These displays are assembled neatly and professionally. They are wonderful education tools.

Velociraptor Skull Replica (one of many dinosaur skull replicas we display)