The Secrets of Creation Traveling Museum
The Secrets of Creation Traveling Museum is the museum that comes to you. Great time, effort, and funds have been put into these displays to make them both professional and portable. Each display connects the Bible to the real world (Fossils, Dinosaurs, Archeology etc.). The museum exhibits help reinforce the truth of God's Word. You could have Canada's largest traveling creation museum come to you! Contact CTM and ask for details.

The Secrets of Creation Traveling Museum
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Museum Quality Genuine Fossils (8-foot cabinet #1)
Museum Quality Genuine Fossils (Cabinet #2) Includes Genuine Petrified Objects: The Petrified Hat, Petrified Rope, Petrified Teddy Bear . Also included in this cabinet are stalactites that formed in less than 5 years...solid rock in a piece of pipe (formed in three months) and more!
Full-size Daspletosaurus torosus head (Also Known as Tyrannosaurus torosus) This fleshed-out head, done by world-class sculptor Charles McGrady, is about seven feet from the back of the neck to the tip of the nose (around the curvature)
Full-size Stegosaurus stenops done by world-class sculptor Charles McGrady
1:5 scale model of a T. rex (8-feet long) by Tony McVey
1:87 scale model of Noah's Ark (5.5 feet long)
Full-size Mosasaurus Skull Cast about 4 feet long (original found in Kansas)
Full-size Coelophysis Cast (This dinosaur has its last meal within its ribcage)
Full-size Deinonychus antirrhopus (10 feet long, 6 feet tall)
Fossil T. rex Footprint cast (about 3-feet across)
Latimeria chalumnae (Coelacanth) - This fish was thought to be extinct by evolutionists for at least "70 Million" years until it was found alive in 1938. It simply had not evolved! This is the most famous "Living Fossil". Finding this fish would be the same as finding a living dinosaur! This is an exact cast of a specimen caught in 1989 (about 5.5 feet long).
A Close-up of the Head of the Coelacanth
Bacterial Motor Display - This display provides powerful evidence for the existence of an Intelligent Designer (God)
Pictorial Display Exhibiting Creation Evidence with Replicas (see photos directly below)
New Mexico Footprint (left) Petrified Finger (right)
Ica Stone (left) Iron Pot Found in Coal (center) Hammer Found in Rock (right)
Fast Fossils Display - Everyday items that have been petrified (technically, permineralized) proving it doesn't take long periods of time.
Fast Cave Formations Display - This display refutes the evolutionary claims that cave formations need long periods of time. Sophisticated X-Ray Diffractometry has been done on many samples of bridge stalactites (and other cave formations growing from concrete) that conclusively proves they are exactly the same as those in limestone caves. Other evolutionary arguments are refuted in this display.