Dire Dragons Book

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons

This is a brand new book with amazing pictorial evidence that dinosaurs and humans lived together.
This amazing new book is the result of nearly ten years of research by Vance Nelson. Vance Nelson is a researcher, speaker, and writer. He travels the world searching for evidence relating to the history of planet earth. He has been on international radio and television.
If dinosaurs lived alongside people as the Bible indicates, then surely somewhere on planet earth the evidence of such an extraordinary coexistence would be found. Dire Dragons provides revolutionary and profound evidence from ancient artwork that there is a real, powerful, documentable, and defensible connection between the dragons of ancient times and the dinosaurs we know so well from fossils. If you need to see the evidence, this book is for you.
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Cambodian Stegosaur-Like "Dinosaur" Carving Reproduction
Comparison of original carving with our reproduction.
This is a 1:1 scale reproduction of a carving from an ancient Hindu temple near Siem Reap, Cambodia.  The name of this temple is Ta Prohm.  It was completed (dedicated) in 1186 A.D.  There is no evidence that these people were excavating fossils and then systematically reconstructing dinosaurs.  The only other source of information about dinosaurs, then, would have to be real life observations.  It appears as though humans and dinosaurs did live together in the not-too-distant past.  The Bible indicates that all of the land animals and people were created on the very same day of creation - therefore people and dinosaurs lived together.  This carving is powerful evidence that the Bible is trustworthy! 
Material: Painted Resin
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Dinosaur Petroglyph Replica
1:1 scale reproduction of "Dinosaur" petroglyph from Havasupai Canyon


This is a 1:1 scale reproduction of a petroglyph (rock art) that was originally discovered in 1879 in the Havasupai Canyon in Arizona. In 1924, a scientific expedition was sent to the canyon to document the artifacts and petroglyphs left behind by the Native Americans.

The director of that expedition, Samuel Hubbard, said the following about the above petroglyph, "The fact that some prehistoric man made a pictograph of a dinosaur on the walls of this canyon upsets completely all of our theories regarding the antiquity of man. Facts are stubborn and immutable things. If theories do not square with the facts then the theories must change, the facts remain." (Discoveries Relating to Prehistoric Man by the Doheny Scientific Expedition in the Hava Supai Canyon Northern Arizona, Oakland Museum, Oakland California, October and November 1924, p. 5)

There is a very heavy desert varnish on this petroglyph, which authenticates its antiquity and thus its authenticity. This is not a modern forgery. The desert varnish on this petroglyph is just as thick as other petroglyphs, which are known to be authentic. The problem for evolutionists is that it seems to be depicting a dinosaur. Our modern knowledge of what dinosaurs looked like is less than two hundred years old, yet this petroglyph was made much before the modern discovery and reconstruction of dinosaurs. The only way people could have been accurately drawing them is if they saw them alive. This is powerful evidence that dinosaur did not die out 65 million years ago.

Material: Painted Resin
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"Petrified" Objects in Two Weeks!
Close-up of a "Petrified" Teddy Bear
Close-up of "Petrified" Paper Rose.

Description & Explanation:

These "Petrified" objects took about two weeks to complete. Natural hot spring water (not any spring will do), with an extremely high mineral content, was used to spray these items. The chemistry of the water is completely natural and comes out of the ground at about 72 degrees Celsius. The water is high in carbonates and other residual minerals. The red-orange colouring of the objects is due to the high iron content of the water. The red-orange colouration is deposited during the drying phase. The iron in the water reacts with the oxygen in the air to form a hematite-limonite layer on the outside.

The roses are covered in an aragonite layer.  They are neither permineralized nor petrified (If one wants to get technical).  Most people, without a geology background, however, would just call them "petrified".  They are, however, pretty neat.  They show "rock" does not take a long time to form; "rock" only takes the right chemical and physical conditions to form.

Technically, the "petrified" teddy bears are partially "permineralized".  Many dinosaur bones found in Alberta, Montana, and Saskatchewan are also only partially permineralized (like the teddy bears).  Minerals, in the water, permeate the open structure of the teddy bears, causing the minerals to precipitate within the structure. The "Rock" deposit, in this case, is Aragonite. This is exactly the same type of process that formed most of the dinosaur bone fossils here in Alberta, Montana, and many other localities (The process of permineralization). The dinosaur bones would have stood in water, or in sediment with water percolating through it.  The water carried minerals in solution into the bone which then crystallized within the bone spaces.  As has been pointed out by dinosaur experts, most fossilized dinosaur bone still has much of the original bone present - it has just been infilled with minerals. So, technically, dinosaur bones have not been "turned to stone"; they have been "infilled with stone".  Dr. Philip Currie, Formerly from the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, has said that modern bones that fall into mineral springs can permineralize in a few weeks.                                                                                                                                  

Does it really take thousands or millions of years for fossilization or petrification to occur. Provably not! Though this is not really even a scientific issue anymore, many people still believe that these types of processes must take thousands and millions of years. They, therefore, have a difficult time believing what most of the early geologists believed, that the earth was young, and most of the fossils formed as a result of Noah's flood (only thousands of years ago).

Besides demonstrating that fossilization says nothing about millions of years, these objects are pretty neat in-and-of themselves.


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Debate Workshop
Vance Nelson & Dr. Gish at the Conference
Creation Truth Ministries was privileged to have funding provided, through donation, to attend the Creation vs. Evolution debate workshop at the Institute for Creation Research in California.  Vance Nelson flew into San Diego to attend the conference which was held at ICR on June 15, 2002.  The conference consisted of instruction by the world's leading creationist debater, Dr. Duane Gish.  Dr. Gish has had well over 300 debates with evolutionists all over the world.  Most who attend the debates (even some evolutionists) would admit that he usually, if not always, wins.  Vance describes Dr. Gish as a very caring and godly man.   He is now in his early eighties and still going strong.  During the workshop he admitted that the reason for such successful debates was not intellectual greatness.  Dr. Gish said that it is the evidence that is so strong.  No undisputed transitional forms, between the basic types of organisms, have been found anywhere on the face of this planet.  Dr. Gish calls this "powerful positive evidence for creation."  Vance is going to spend the next year working on his debating skills and he hopes to engange in a debate within the next year or so.